As an entrepreneur, musician, startup, or artist, your ideas can change the world. But, without a protected brand, your rights can easily be stripped away from you. That’s why you need a trademark attorney. arrow_drop_down
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Metro Detroit Trademark Attorney Helping Clients Nationally to Protect Names, Logos, Trade-Dress, and Brands

You’ve put all of your energy into your venture and do not want your customers confused by an infringing trademark. 

Registering your name or tag-line or logo on the Federal Trademark Register will ensure that customers seeking out your product or service find you

The instinct to try to DIY or Google your way to trademark protection is a natural one; however, as with anything, you may get what you pay for. Consulting a knowledgeable trademark attorney from the moment you devise your name, logo, or brand, will assure you that you have conceived a trademark that will successfully survive the scrutiny of the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Retaining a trademark attorney to run a thorough clearance search of your proposed trademark prior to filing an application with the USPTO will ensure that you aren't infringing anyone else's mark--and will tell you what your risks are if you do proceed with an application for registration. 

Retaining a trademark attorney to draft, file, and prosecute your application will ensure that you don't run up higher costs later if the USPTO responds negatively to your trademark's registration, or, worse, if a rival registered mark owner opposes its registration. 

The Hilla Law Firm can help you succeed. 

We are located in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan but represent trademark registrants across the United States---and internationally. 

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Trademark Registration is Easier – and More Affordable – Than You Think

The Hilla Law Firm, PLLC offers national representation for trademark registration, not just for Michigan residents!

We offer online consultations for trademark clients (in-person only for bankruptcy clients), easy and affordable payment processing, and the highest level of customer communication and service.

Upon representation, we will:

  • Conduct a thorough clearance search for conflicting trademarks on the Federal Register, with state Secretaries of State, among domain-names and other internet uses; 
  • Prepare a customized report weighing any such risks for you, before you take the next step in the process; 
  • File an application for Trademark Registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; 
  • Defend your application against any office actions or oppositions. 

Trademark Registration

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After You Have a Registered Trademark, Monitoring is Crucial for Ongoing Success

Even when you have a trademark; it’s important to constantly monitor it to ensure no one else is infringing on your intellectual property. Leave that to us.

Once you have gained full rights to your trademark, The Hilla Law Firm conducts annual monitoring of potential infringement of your mark. We’ll enforce your mark against any interloping registrations or usages, and if need be, defend it in court. When you choose to hire us as your trademark attorney, rest assured that we’ll monitor your mark consistently and challenge anyone who attempts to copy it.

Trademark Monitoring

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The Hilla Law Firm did an excellent job handling the trademark registration for my online business. In my case, the process turned out to be complicated as another business registered for a similar name. The Hilla Law Firm expertly handled the situation and my trademark was approved! Kelly
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