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Can I Discharge Attorney Fees in Bankruptcy?

You Can Discharge Attorney Fees in Bankruptcy Debt to an attorney for attorney fees owed is not any different than any other sort of "unsecured" debt, such as a credit card or medical bill. Unsecured debts, by and large and with a few...

Can I Pay Back Rent in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Catch Up Back Rent in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy If you rent your Michigan home and are behind on your rent payments, back-rent owed to your landlord is an unsecured debt that is dischargeable in either a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13...

Can I Dismiss a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case?

Absolute Right to Dismiss a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Is Not a Prison While a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a 3-5-year payment plan process in which you repay some of what you owe to your creditors, it is not a process that...
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