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Marital Debt and Bankruptcy: Can It Be Discharged?

Marital Debt and Bankruptcy: Court-Ordered Divorce Judgments and the "Hold Harmless" Clause   Marital Debt and Bankruptcy: May Not Be Dischargeable in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Marital debt and bankruptcy may be an uncomfortable fit. Support...

When Is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case Closed?

When is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case closed? When the Trustee or the Court says it is! When is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case Closed? After Discharge, after contested matters are resolved—and after assets are liquidated. Your discharge shows up...

Should I Buy a Car Before Filing Bankruptcy?

Really? You Can Buy a Car Before Filing Bankruptcy? Can I Buy a Car before Filing Bankruptcy: Maybe. In considering whether or not to buy a car before filing for bankruptcy, either Chapter 7 or  Chapter 13, there are multiple issues...
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