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New Means Test Numbers for April 1, 2017

New Michigan Bankruptcy Means Test Numbers for April 1, 2017   The US Trustee's Office (the division of the Department of Justice that administers the bankruptcy process in the United States) has released its updated median income numbers...

Is My Credit Card Debt a Secured Debt in Bankruptcy?

Credit Cards as Secured Debts: Often Claimed, Rarely Proved ... The Issue The issue of whether a credit card debt can be claimed to be a "secured" debt in bankruptcy is a common discussion for attorneys who handle Chapter 13 bankruptcies in...

Constructive Eviction in Michigan: What Is It?

Constructive Eviction: Being Kicked Out of the Side Door The Lawful Eviction Procedure in Michigan   In Michigan, a lawful eviction is a very specific procedure. Presuming a valid basis for the eviction, such as breach of a...
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