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Detroit Trademark Attorneys: Trademark Registration Fee Increase Proposed

Detroit Trademark Attorneys: Trademark Registration Fee Increase Proposed - Blog | HIlla Law Firm - Detroit_Trademark_Attorneys_-_Trademark_Filing_Fees_Increase

Filing Your Trademark Registration Is Likely to be More Expensive Soon

This September, the USPTO will be holding a public hearing as to proposed government trademark filing and other fee increases proposed. It is likely that these increases will be approved. 

Thus, if you are considering filing a trademark registration application, filing in the next month will save you money. 

Proposed Trademark Fee Changes 

Although many of the related fees are proposed to change, a few key changes are: 

Filing and Application through TEAS, per Class $400 $500
Filing a TEAS Reduced Fee (RF) Application through TEAS under §2.23, per Class $275 $350
Filings a TEAS Plus Application through TEAS under §2.22, per Class $225 $250
Request to Divide an Application Filed through TEAS, per New Application Created $100 $100
Additional Processing Fee under  §2.22(c) or  §2.223(c), per Class $125 $125

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office

Detroit Trademark Attorneys: The Bottom Line

The bottom line with regard to these proposed fee changes is that, while registering a trademark on the Federal Register is a comparatively affordable legal service, it is about to become slightly less affordable. 

However, there is still time to get your applications filed under the current fee regime and save yourselves $25-$100 per International Class. 

If you would like to schedule a telephonic consultation with Detroit Michigan Trademark Attorney John Hilla to discuss your potential trademark application, contact us here or call (734) 743-1489. 

Attorney Hilla represents Trademark clients nationwide. 


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Registering a Federal trademark for a cosmetics brand or product requires that the name or logo uniquely identify the source of the product to consumers. The Hilla Law Firm will walk you through the registration process start-to-finish with maximum customer service and affordable flat fees. (734) 743-1489.

What Is a Trademark Application Descriptiveness Refusal?

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How Do I Register a Trademark for a Board Game?

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Can I Register a Trademark for a Flag or Other National Symbol?

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