Detroit Trademark Attorneys: Trademark Registration Fee Increase Proposed

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Filing Your Trademark Registration Is Likely to be More Expensive Soon

This September, the USPTO will be holding a public hearing as to proposed government trademark filing and other fee increases proposed. It is likely that these increases will be approved. 

Thus, if you are considering filing a trademark registration application, filing in the next month will save you money. 

Proposed Trademark Fee Changes 

Although many of the related fees are proposed to change, a few key changes are: 

Filing and Application through TEAS, per Class $400 $500
Filing a TEAS Reduced Fee (RF) Application through TEAS under §2.23, per Class $275 $350
Filings a TEAS Plus Application through TEAS under §2.22, per Class $225 $250
Request to Divide an Application Filed through TEAS, per New Application Created $100 $100
Additional Processing Fee under  §2.22(c) or  §2.223(c), per Class $125 $125

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office

Detroit Trademark Attorneys: The Bottom Line

The bottom line with regard to these proposed fee changes is that, while registering a trademark on the Federal Register is a comparatively affordable legal service, it is about to become slightly less affordable. 

However, there is still time to get your applications filed under the current fee regime and save yourselves $25-$100 per International Class. 

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