Flat Fees, One Step at a Time

Affordable Flat Fees

First, a flat fee of $550.00 to conduct a thorough search not only of existing marks registered on the Federal level with the USPTO but also marks registered at the state level in all 50 states, domain name usage, social media presence, other internet usage, and beyond. The $550.00 flat fee includes all fees charged by the search service provider we utilize. 

Also included in that fee is our professional review of the search results, weighing of the risks involved in proceeding with an application as contemplated, and the drafting of an Opinion Letter communicating the level of risk involved in detail to the client. 

If the client wishes to proceed with an Application after reviewing our opinion letter, a further flat fee of $500.00 is charged plus the USPTO filing-fee of $275 per class ($775.00 total). 

If the application encounters opposition from another mark registrant or an Office Action response from the USPTO, hourly rates will then apply, but we typically do not charge anything extra for minor or "administrative" office action responses. 

Each step along the way, the Client is informed of search results, application progress, and status, applicable deadlines.

We work hard to ensure that no client is unaware of the status of their application and maintain open lines of communication and friendly service.

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I cannot say enough about how well we were treated by John. He was very knowledgeable about the entire process and kept us informed throughout; there were no surprises... I would recommend John to anyone, knowing he would do as good a job for them as he did for us. David
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